February 18, 2021


An Overview About the Different Kafka Connect Plugins

Kafka Connect is a great framework for connecting Kafka with external systems. In the best case you can use Connect right away. But in some special cases you might have to write your own plugins to add missing functionality to the framework. In this blog post I give a short overview about the different plugin types which can be used to add new functionality to Connect. In the last part of this blog post I give you a short introduction to my GitHub project Ready, Steady, Connect - A Kafka Connect Quickstart.

Apache Kafka Connect Usage Patterns

Kafka Connect is a tool for streaming data between Apache Kafka and other systems like Oracle, DB2, JMS, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, etc. Teams can configure connectors that move large collections of data in and out of Kafka. As Kafka Connect user you don’t have to write any piece of software when there is an existing connector implementation for your system. Depending on your load profile you can run multiple Connect workers which build an Connect cluster.